Student Property Investments

Student property investments are an alternative investment opportunity that offers diversity to your investment portfolio. More and more investors have started investing in student properties due to increased demand from international students seeking luxury, security and convenience. The rental income from student property has been proven to offer high returns and with universities unable to provide accomodation for all their students, property developers have seen an opportunity to build luxury student developments across the UK to cater for the growing numbers of international students attending UK universities.

Since 2011, student property investments have been one of the highest performing investment assets within the alternative market. It is estimated that the industry has benefited from a £4.5billion investment in 2016 alone from investors looking for high return investment opportunities. Student property had the second highest ever investment volume the UK has ever seen.

Benefits of student property investment:

  • A growing student population has created a high demand within the market
  • Up to 7% - 9% return per annum during the assured period
  • Although there is little capital appreciation, investors can still rely on rental income to make high returns
  • Universities cannot supply enough rooms to accommodate the demand
  • Guarantor scheme on student properties gives better assurance that you will receive your rental income

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On the other hand, when compared to other alternative buy-to-lets, student properties do have a few short-falls. For example, retirement home investments are considered more recession-proof due to the nature and purpose of their existence. It can be argued that student properties are also recession-safe (rather than recession-proof), as students will continue attending universities during recessions. However, investing in care homes can be considered safer and almost a guaranteed investment opportunity regardless of downfalls in the economy – as there will always be a need for specialist healthcare.

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