Care Home Investments

There are many property investments available to UK investors which, in simple terms, fall into two brackets commercial property and buy to let investments. Both have their advantages; commercial property can have higher yields, longer leases and less expenses (as the client can pick up maintenance charges) residential buy to let schemes benefit from the high demand for property in the UK.

Care home investments can benefit from the best of both sectors as they are commercial property investments used to house individuals. The individuals come from a growing demographic so demand is high and growing. The office of national statistics predicts that circa 24% of the UKs population will be over the age of 65 which is a huge increase on the 2015 figure of around 18%. If we look at further statistics that around 25% of those aged over 90 and 0.7% of everyone over the age of 60 living in a care home you will see that there is a huge market opportunity.

Over the past few years more and more institutional investors have been investing in UK care home investments for their robust nature, their growing market and the very attractive income yield the investments offer. Now is the ideal time for private investors to consider care and nursing home investments in the UK.

  • Offer a high yielding investment of up to 10% per annum.
  • Growing market.
  • Offers good diversity to an existing investment portfolio.
  • Capital growth is also possible.
  • Hands free investment after initial investment is made. Care home operator deals with maintenance and tenancy.
  • You can choose from traditional and luxury homes.

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