Buy-to Let Property Investments

The UK is widely considered as a safe haven for buy-to-let property investors, attracting investment from buyers based domestically and overseas.

With an estimated shortage of new homes each year and the demand for rental property expected to reach 6 million by 2025, rental returns and capital growth are expected to grow.

The UK’s property market offers diversity that stretches across different asset classes including buy-to-let or Rent, care home investments, student accommodation, hotels and commercial property. The strength of the property market as a whole has allowed many alternative property assets to present investors with stable monthly or quarterly returns and a secure exit strategy providing a perfect income asset for investment.

Buy to Let Properties

The number of people in the UK is expected to rise by 4.5 per cent over the next 10 years, from an estimated 66.4 million in mid-2018 to 69.4 million in mid-2028. This growth of the population comes with a largely growing demand for affordable property, especially with 46% of young people aged between 25 and 40 currently living in rented accommodation and 19% of all UK homes now being rented in the private sector, the demand for buy-to-let property is at an all-time high.

Now is the perfect time to invest into property. Buying to rent is a stable way to earn monthly income whilst allowing the property to appreciate over time giving you further opportunity to benefit from capital growth long term.

Regardless of any market changes and conditions, property will always be an asset the country needs, especially with the decline in home ownership.

Take a look at some of the best investment options available in the UK Property Market. Investments start from GBP 65,000 for tangible property options, but we also have UK Property Loan Notes available for HNW or Sophisticated investors from GBP 5,000 which you can access below:

Benefits of Buy-to-Let property investments:

  • Growing market – demand is always increasing for homes
  • Great alternative for multiple avenues of income
  • Properties will always have a value
  • They offer stable rental income and offer potential capital growth
  • You can purchase in either cash or with a mortgage
  • Some of our properties benefit from monthly payment structures
  • We only provide properties in high-performing locations

To take advantage of these investment opportunities or to discuss matters further please contact us for a no obligation call or book an appointment at our London office.

HyLife Investments has carefully selected locations that we have seen provide investors with a consistent, stable income whilst also benefitting from positive growth over the last 5 years. It is why we have specifically targeted these key areas in the UK to allow investors more opportunities to benefit from the property market. 

London:  The commuter belt of London and Greater London are always been a popular place for investment if you have the cash and know where to look. Our providers offer BMV opportunities in these locations whether you’re after completed or off plan.

Property prices start from £300,000+ and can achieve rental returns from 4%+ 

Manchester: Manchester is seeing constant rise and investment into the local area which is why now is a good time to benefit from stable rental income and potential growth. Both completed and off plan opportunities are available.

Property prices start from only £125,000+ paying rental returns of 6% and up.

Birmingham: The UK’s 2nd largest city has seen continuous growth year on year and we are seeing consistent income for our investors, growth prospects here are continuing to rise making Birmingham a top contender to purchase buy-to-let properties. Prices range from £100,000 +

Care Homes: Investments from only £65,000+ paying a return of between 8-12% per year    

Student Accommodation: Investments from only GBP £75,000+ paying a return of 7%-10% per year             

Commercial & Land

We provide off market opportunities for those looking for larger investments. Please get in touch with us so we can understand your requirements and help you find the right opportunity. Proof of funds and letter of intent must be provided in order to gain access to any investment above £500,000.

Why HyLife?

HyLife is the London based five star leader in alternative investments creating win-win relationships with investors. We believe in offering factual and educational information to our investors to ensure they fully understand each product before investing. All investors are given a portfolio manager who will actively seek the best opportunities in the market for the investor based on their portfolio characteristics.