Football Trading Bond – Latest News & Video

Since our official launch of the Football Trading Bond last week, we have already had a fantastic response and have received a tremendous amount of investment into the product. 

We want you all to have the opportunity to get involved as we are confident that it will be a great addition to your portfolio. To help you further, we have included a video below of the CEO Alan Bentley explaining why the platform has been created, how successful it has been and how you as an investor will benefit.

Summary of Investment – The Facts

Over the last 5 years of backtesting, the platform has achieved an average of 83% profit every year.

Audited trading results for the last 3 months. We are pleased to also let you know that the trading results for May 2018 are currently being audited and will be released mid June 2018.

Additional Information

Bentley Global (UK) Limited has now officially changed Security Trustee to Blue Water Capital Ltd who are FCA regulated (FRN: 789335). With Blue Water as corporate advisor to the Bentley Global Bond we believe this is a positive move in the right direction.  

In the event of a default a Security Trustee, Blue Water Capital Limited (FRN:
789335), has been appointed to act as an independent agent on behalf of the
Bondholders. Blue Water Capital Limited holds a floating charge against the
Company’s assets for the benefit of the Bondholders. If, for whatever reason, a
default was to occur, the Security Trustee is able to take ownership of Company’s assets to repay Bondholders.

There is now no withholding tax from the bond and all bondholders will now receive their coupon payments gross.

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